How to choose the right Christmas tree skirt

Christmas may be the celebration of joy which brings people together to share the joy and love, but it also comes with its share of tasks to be completed. There are many preparations to be made before Christmas arrives. Procuring the right kind of tree for the season, getting the decorations in line, picking out presents and other things take up most of our time. People almost tend to forget that a Christmas tree skirt is needed for the Christmas tree! The most popular of all sizes is an 18 inch Christmas tree skirt.

Why are Christmas tree skirts used?
The use of Christmas tree skirts is simple. These skirts are used to hide the unsightly sights of stands, roots, and the watering area for the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree skirt also adds some beauty to the Christmas tree altogether. These skirts can be used for massive trees as well as the smaller tree. The various sizes for Christmas tree skirts are 24 inch Christmas tree skirt, 30 inch Christmas tree skirt, 36 inch Christmas tree skirt, 48 inch Christmas tree skirt, 56 inch Christmas tree skirt, 70 inch Christmas tree skirt, 72 inch Christmas tree skirt, 84 inch Christmas tree skirt, along with the 18 inch Christmas tree skirt.

How to choose the right sized Christmas tree skirt
Choosing a design for your Christmas tree skirt is far easier than choosing and understanding the size of the Christmas tree skirt. Here is how you know what size to choose for your Christmas tree:

  • Get your hands on a measuring tape and measure the widest part of the tree. The widest part of your tree is the bottom part of the tree, right above the tree trunk begins to show.
  • Next, consider the size of the Christmas skirt you need. If you need only for concealing purposes choose a skirt accordingly.
  • However, if you need a skirt which also serves as part of Christmas decoration underneath your tree, then choose a Christmas skirt which is a little wider than your tree’s actual diameter.
  • Remember that if you need a simple tree skirt which does not serve as a decoration, always go for smaller tree skirts.
  • The bigger trees use about a 30 inch Christmas tree skirt.
  • The main purpose of a Christmas tree skirt is to hide the area under the tree’s base. This base gives a weird feel to the entire decorated Christmas tree.

You can use a skirt of any size for your tree. There is no absolute right or absolute wrong size for these skirts. However, remember to choose the ones which do not cause any hazards. Most of the Christmas trees work fine an 18 inch Christmas tree skirt, but you can choose a bigger one if you like.