Things that the perfect Christmas crib should have

A Christmas crib statue is the recreated miniature version of the stable where Lord Jesus was born. It is of vital importance and is kept at almost every home during Christmas. These Christmas crib statues are also called nativity sets and are available in different varieties such as rustic nativity sets and others. From 10-inch nativity figures to 12-inch nativity figures, a wide range of nativity sets consisting of varied lengths of figures are available, and one can buy nativity sets according to their need and purpose. Polyresin is the most common type of material used to make a Christmas crib statue or a nativity set.

These Christmas crib statues are of utmost importance, and one needs to make sure that the following things are present in the nativity set. Given below are a few pieces that are mandatory in a nativity set be it indoor or outdoor nativity sets.

  • The statue of Joseph: From 9 to 16 to 24 inches, a wide range of the statues of Joseph are available and varies from set to set.
  • The statue of Mary: Yes, the statue of Mary is mandatory in a nativity set, without which your set would indeed look incomplete.
  • The statue of baby Jesus: Do make sure that the nativity set has a statue of Baby Jesus as without which the entire Christmas crib statue would look incomplete.
  • Shepherd and Angel: Along with the statues of Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus, your nativity set also needs to consist of a standing shepherd and an Angel.
  • Melchior, Balthazar, Caspar: A major part of Christian tradition, these three figures are significant and should indeed be a part of your nativity set.
  • Statues of a camel, ox and a donkey: A stable is incomplete without these animals and so in a nativity set.
  • Proper positioning of statues in a nativity set: Every piece in the nativity set needs to be arranged appropriately. Baby Jesus needs to be placed in the middle of the set in the arms of Mary or a crib. Joseph needs to be placed right next to Mary. The Angel, Shepherd, statues of Melchior, Balthazar and Caspar needs to be placed on either side of Joseph.
  • Piece count: The piece count in a nativity set varies from ten to fourteen. If you find Christmas cribs for sale, then make sure that the set has the number of pieces as mentioned in it.